Haverer Group is a Hong Kong based company, facilities set up in Shanghai & Jiangsu, mainly produce super austenitic stainless steel tube, nickel based corrosion alloy tube, VSOP & VISION web offset press, PETG film, optically clear PET-G film, etc.
Nickel based corrosion alloy seamless tube 800 825 600 625 C276
Super austenitic stainless steel tube|254SMo|654SMo|AL-6XN|904L
VSOP web offset printing machine including, 1. main control system 2. infeed unit 3. web cleaning corona treatment 4. offset unit 5
Seamless tube for station boiler Usage : Applied to manufacture the pipe for overheater, reheater and so on of 220MW 250MW 300MW 60
Super austenitic stainless steel tube Product size : Hot extrusion tube: OD 48-325mm, WTK 4-40mm Cold rolling tube: OD 5.8-508mm, W
Nickel based corrosion alloy seamless tube Usage : widely used in petrochemical industry and ocean exploitation such as heater, hea
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For over three decades HAVERER GROUP has developed a reputation for our products, best service and on time shipment for all of our customers, all goods will be inspected from the raw material to finished product by our QC department in many steps. The wealth of experience coupled with a large selection of metal products enables you to design, create and build with complete confidence.
We Concern Our Clients
We concern our clients. We care about our products, we care about our service, we care about our customers. Experience our selection:
Haverer Group produce Seamless tube for station boiler, overheater, reheater and so on of 220MW 250MW 300MW 600MW 1000MW, etc. largge scale station boiler.
Super austenitic stainless steel tube produced by Haverer Group with Excellent quality and competitive price
Haverer Group produce nickel based alloy, seamless tube & pipe, Nickel and its alloys, offer a wide range of corrosion resistance.
HAVERER GROUP produce the Hot-rolled steel plate X120Mn12(DIN 1.3401)high manganese steel withfully austenitic,fully annealed steel with high level of wear resistance. Non-magnetic with 11% - 14% manganese. X120Mn12 also named Hadfield stee
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