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Haverer Group is a Hong Kong based company, facilities set up in Shanghai & Jiangsu, mainly produce Litz wire, Aluminum tubes, Steel and stainless steel strips, Bars, etc. Our customer including ABB, AOC, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Ericsson, etc.
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Alloy Steel Plate 4130

heat resistant steels 

HAVERER GROUP produce alloy steel including heat-resistant steel, tool steel, spring steel, structural steel etc, hot rolled and drawing in plate form and rod form. Heat-resistant steel widely used in the manufacture of boilers, steam turbine, power machinery, pressure vessel, industrial furnace and aviation, petrochemical and other industrials for the components which working in high temperature conditions.

Heat-resistant steel

German   USA  Japan
DIN EN10088-1 ASTM/A276 JIS G4311
X53CrMnNiN21-9 / SUH36
X15CrNiSi20-12 EV4 SUH37
X5NiCrTi26-15 660 SUH660
/ SA 387-Gr 91 /

High-strength steels plate for cold-forming, thermomechanically-rolled
We produce this high strength steel plates (alloy steel) offer excellent bending, flanging, cold-bordering and folding properties in both longitudinal and transverse direction.
Grade: S460MC
          S700MC  according to EN 10149-2.

Spring Alloy Steel:
German USA  Japan
DIN 17221 ASTM/A29 JIS G4801
55Cr3 5155 SUP 9

Alloy Structural Steel
German USA Japan
DIN 10028,10084,17210 ASTM A29M JIS G4106,G4102,G4104
31CrMoV9 4135 SCM435
31NiCr14 3435 SNC631
15NiCr3 3415 SNC815
14NiCr14 \ \
25CrMo4 4130 SCM430
36CrNiMo4 4340 SNCM439
12CrMoV5-9 - -

Alloy Tool Steel
German USA Japan
DIN 17350 ASTM A681 JIS G4404
90CrSi5 / /
X210Cr12 D3 SKD1
X30WCrV9-3 H21 SKD5

High Speed Steel
German USA Japan
DIN 4957 ASTM A600 JIS G4403
HS6-5-2C M2 (high carbon) SKH51
Alloy Steel 14NCrMo7-3-2, 38NiCrMoV7-3, etc.

Also we produce high quality steel plate for submarines, mainly the steel plates for submarine pressure hull and other structures, steel plates thickness from 8mm to 150mm.

now 4130 plate in stock, if you book the orders, the price will be very competitive.
if your requirement is not on above list, please check with our Sales team, thank you!

Please view our Facilities, it guarantee the steel plates quality, smelting equipment, Heating equipments and roughing mills for steel plates.

Please send us your requirement to, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

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