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Alloy 800 800H 800HT Tube & Pipe from China
Haverer Group produce alloy 800 800H 800HT tube and pipe in China.

Alloy 800 is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy with moderate strength and good resistance to oxidation and carburization at elevated temperatures. It is particularly useful for high-temperature equipment in the petrochemical industry because the alloy doesn't form the embrittling sigma phase after long time exposure at 1200°F (649°C). Excellent resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking is another important feature of alloy 800.
Alloy 800 (UNS N08800/W. Nr. 1.4876) is a widely used material for construction of equipment requiring corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strength, and stability for service up to 1500°F (816°C). Alloy 800 offers general corrosion resistance to many aqueous media and, by virtue of its content of nickel, resists stress corrosion cracking.

Alloy 800 is used in a variety of applications involving exposure to corrosive environments and high temperatures. It is used for heat-treating equipment such as baskets, trays, and fixtures. In chemical and petrochemical processing, the alloy is used for heat exchangers and other piping systems in nitric acid media especially where resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking is required. In nuclear power plants, it is used for steam-generator tubing. The alloy is often used in domestic appliances for sheathing of electric heating elements. In the production of paper pulp, digester-liquor heaters are often made of alloy 800. In petroleum processing, the alloy is used for heat exchangers that air cool the process stream.

Alloy 800 has high mechanical strength over a broad temperature range. In general, alloy 800 is used for its strength characteristics at service temperatures up to about 1500°F (816°C). At those temperatures, equipment design is usually based on tensile properties. For applications that require high creep or rupture strength, Alloys 800H and 800HT are used.

Allopy 800 tube & pipe specification
ASTM B407, ASTM B829, ASTM B514, ASTM B775, ASTM B515, ASTM B751, BS3 3074NA15, ISO 6207, DIN 17459, VdTüV 412 & 434

Alloy 800 Applications
Ethylene furnace quench boilers, hydrocarbon cracking, valves, fittings, industrial furnace components, heat processing apparatus, chemical and petrochemical processing units, pressure containers and tubes, heat exchanger parts and pipes, carburizing fixtures and retorts, Ammonia effluent cooler, superheater and reheater components in production units.

Incoloy 800 is used in the chemical plants for components of heat exchangers and transmission pipes of nitric acid solutions that need to prevent attack of chloride stress corrosion cracking. In the power production plants, the alloy is used in super-heater and re-heater tubes.

Alloy 800 Processing
Forming: Alloy 800 is formable by the entire traditional forming methods due to its fine ductility. Use of strong tooling is recommended. Heavy duty lubricants are used while cold forming. It is important to fully remove the lubricant remainders subsequent to forming to prevent the risk of embrittlement.

Welding: Alloy 800 can be easily welded with common welding methods. Convex weld beads should be used. Remove oil, paint or crayon spots.  Gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding and submerged arc welding are the commonly used joining methods for this super alloy.

Also alloy 800H & 800HT

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